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Spectrum scanning

Cyclic sequential spectrum scanning divided into several adjustable frequency ranges.

Automatic signal detection

Automatic signal detection of signals by shape of signal’s spectrum.

Data analysis

Possibility to search and visualise measurement data from various perspectives. Generate predefined reports.

Data aggregation

In case of signal’s detection, record is added to detected signal’s list. In order to maintain records easily accessible, all the records having same frequency channel are merged.

Colour coded spectrum

All the spectra of signals detected in particular frequency channel are cumulated in one incidence-color-coded spectrum plot, so that diversity of detected signals, as well as most often detected signal is clearly visible at once.

Radio frequency

Possibility to integrate existing third party license databases or use SKUDRA Server license database.

Spectrum user identification

Possible spectrum user is calculated by Hata-Davidson propagation model, taking into account transmitters’ coordinates, power, antenna height, etc. The necessary license information is provided by SKUDRA SERVER or European Frequency Information System.

Essential info at once

Essential information at once. Each record in detected signal’s list contains essential information about detected signals in particular frequency channel:

Remote control

Plan monitoring activities for multiple location from one place.

Time plots

Field strength and occurrence of each signal on particular frequency channel can be presented as field strength versus time plot and occupancy plot respectively.

Monitoring results

All measurement data is stored in one place, so that measurements, both current and historical, are accessible to everyone authorized.

Long term storage

Monitoring results can be transferred to SKUDRA SERVER.

Localization of transmitters

Localization of transmitters, even if it works very rarely, analysing long-term measurements using GRoA.

Detect signals and draw conclusions fast

Detect signals, draw conclusions about their’s origin and take further actions in real-time.


It can be quite challenging to reach goals by providing quality within a set budget. Software SKUDRA provides significant administrative benefits.

Effective time use of highly qualified employees

Time saved

Significant resources saved

Software maintenance


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About Us

Skudra is built by The Electronic Communications Office of the Republic of Latvia..

Based on our 25 year experience in radio frequency spectrum management in Latvia, we have excellent understanding of spectrum field challenges, frequency bands surveillance and providing services to clients.

Our designed software SKUDRA is an excellent tool in the complex radio frequency field, because it automates spectrum monitoring, saves financial and human resources, provides high performance efficiency and quality.

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      About us

      The Electronic Communications Office of the Republic of Latvia:

      The State Joint-Stock Company Electronic Communications Office (ECO) is radio frequency management authority in Latvia, monitoring and regulating the use of the radio frequency spectrum on the grounds of the Electronic Communications Law and other legislative acts.